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Kids On Location Photography

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Photographer Maggie Vittori

About Maggie

Welcome to Kids On Location Photography! I have to begin with this: I LOOOOOVEEEE making images of children! All ages. Because aren't we all children after all?  I love bubbles!! (I have three machines!).. I love rain and kids with boots and umbrellas and slickers (I have been known to call my clients for an impromptu session when the rain comes out! ).. I love the way kids laugh..about anything.. But most of all I love the way kids are authentic. I consider myself be be an authentic spirit and kids love that about me. I am not afraid to play, giggle and run with the kids as they run, jump and be kids!

I am about capturing spirit, emotion and connection.

See you at the beach...or a field of flowers...or in your home!


First we will schedule a consultation at your home or a local coffee shop to meet so I can get a feel for what your needs are. We will discuss location, (if your house we will look around for the best light) clothes, and children's personalities. I like to meet the children at this point too. I ask before to look at images online that you are drawn to so we can make an image you love!

Your photo session will be relaxed, fun and enjoyable for the whole family. I love to capture how families and couples naturally interact and enjoy each other. During an average session, I will start out with an hour session but sometimes we are having so much fun I will go over!

When you arrive for the photo session, don’t be afraid to dance, skip, twirl and laugh! Photo sessions are never rushed. I want you to enjoy the experience.

I like to shoot at Golden Gate Park, The Pulgas Water Temple in RWC, and the beach. I am also open to other suggestions you have. I also will come to your home.

Newborn sessions take place in the convenience of your own home. It is hard for new moms to get out so it is the easiest way. It is best to photograph newborns during the first ten days of life because they are more likely to sleep through different settings and they are not yet ready to stretch out during the session.   I also like to photograph newborns outside in nature when weather is warm.

I use very little props for newborns. i like to have the baby be the main focus of the image. I have been known to use memory props. A grandmas handmade blanket, a favorite toy...

Children and Babies
Kids look great in anything.  A little (or a lot) of color is always welcome. A flower or cute hat can be just that splash of color that makes a photo really pop. . If you’re not sure what to wear, we can go over some choices during our consultation. (I actually like it the best when kids pick out their own clothes to wear after the regular session.)

For babies, the best time for photos is around 6-9 weeks. This is when then begin to lift their heads on tummy time and smiles are in season. We will then look forward to the third session 5-6 months, when they first start sitting by themselves. That is usually the time when babies start to get those chubby little cheeks, and who doesn’t love that?

If you have any other questions, or ideas that you’d like to talk about, please don’t hesitate to contact me.